Vjeverica na juriš

 Režija i ples: Maja Drobac;
 kreacija i ples: Darija Doždor, Ognjen Vučinić;
 glazba: Fantomas, tradicionalna aboridžinska glazba, didgeridoo (nepoznati izvođači), Kvartet Balanescu; 
 music editing: Matija Milčec.

"I love this imagery of the bird. I can see it beautifully applied to dance and it makes me think of how some of us are just wired to fly around, and yet we always need to return to the nest at some point for nourishment and to give back of what we have received." Anne

"I mean, it really is about travel... and transformation, and in my case... about the bird. And of course, some people can see some crazy squirrels jumping around... but in fact... it's about a lot of things. Maybe even your trip to Iran." Maja

"My brain is a bit off track, however. In this sort of state of mind I think it is possible both to touch genius and to touch madness, or perhaps both at once, and who is to say that they aren't one and the same?!" Anne

"And after all this long writing, I still have no idea what do write to a theater booklet." Maja